AirBnB Management in Cape Town


If you are looking for AirBnB property management in Cape Town then you have come to the right place.

AirBnB has truly changed the way we think when it comes to travel, connecting a host and a traveller has never been easier. Now that getting bookings has become so much easier, it has also become a lot more competitive.

Keeping a good reputation with AirBnB is extremely important and can make or break your vacation rental income. Therefore you need to have the time, experience and expertise to maintain your profile, calendar, booking relations and guest reviews and also manage to compete with all the other hosts on the platform.

That’s where we come in, our AirBnB property management package is all you need to benefit from the AirBnB website. It includes full property management, maintaining, marketing and guest relations. This is perfect for hosts who own properties in Cape Town but do not live here or owners who do not have the time to focus on these tasks. We take care of everything including check in/outs, inventories, resupplying toiletries and essentials, housekeeping arrangements and personal assistance.

We have been in the vacation rental industry in Cape Town for over 8 years and we know how things work around here, choose us to manage your property and be rest assured that your property will be managed correctly to its highest potential. Our Fees are only 15% on all bookings.

Get in touch with us today to get started. Phone 0215570220 or email